Lighting Group Manages why not check here Your Lighting Retrofit Project Every Step of the Way

There are many ways to implement a lighting improvement project with varying degrees of analysis and emphasis on energy efficiency. At e3 Lighting Group, we believe the most successful way to improve lighting efficiency is through value engineering. At the core of this concept is ensuring value by delivering required functionality at the lowest overall cost.

The e3 Lighting Group Approach is to provide the most efficient lighting system for a desired level of light. The deliverable is a better lighting system with the fewest total watts and the fewest number of lamps and ballasts—a combination that naturally translates into the greatest possible energy savings year-after-year with the lowest possible maintenance costs.

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Facility Lighting Study
Virtually all facilities can benefit from a lighting upgrade and retrofit strategy, and each facility will have a unique solution based on current or desired light levels, physical layout and obstacles, and other operational considerations. The e3 Lighting Group complimentary on-site Lighting Study models the exact parameters and requirements of your facility so that we can confidently recommend the most energy savings solution available.


Value Engineering and Photometric Analysis
e3 Lighting Group carefully models each area of your facility and simulate light levels for the most energy-efficient configuration possible. This iterative process allows our professional engineers to consider multiple lighting arrangements until we determine the system that embodies our value engineering concept.

The final rendering then becomes the blueprint for your lighting system installation. In addition, the photometric analysis lays the groundwork for our comprehensive energy savings and system improvement summary.


Comprehensive Analysis and Professional Presentation of Findings
Armed with the results from our photometric analysis and site survey, e3 Lighting Group consultants are able to provide an accurate representation of both future light levels and annual energy savings. The economic assessment is grounded in a rigorous analysis of utility energy and demand charges, applicable rebates, and available tax benefits.

Your proposal will account for everything from foot-candle comparisons to a detailed breakdown of energy savings to tax treatment. The extensiveness of e3 Lighting Group’s proposals has led to us to be cited as the most comprehensive in the industry.

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Seamless Installation and on-site Project Management
From our initial project plan to final disposal, you can be confident that your lighting retrofit project will be professionally and efficiently managed. Our crews are fast, clean, efficient and responsive.

We work around your schedule to provide you the most convenient installation possible. Nights, weekends — whatever it takes to insure a seamless installation process.


Rebate Administration and Tax Guidance
You’re not the only one interested in making your facility more energy efficient and environmentally friendly! The U.S. government, state Public Utility Commissions and local utility companies all benefit when you reduce energy consumption in your facility. In order to promote their “efficiency” agenda, they provide various incentives to help defray the cost of energy efficient projects.

The 2005 Energy Policy Act includes a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for energy efficient improvements in your facility. Likewise, state PUCs and local utilities offer performance based or per fixture rebates to further their energy and demand reduction agendas. e3 Lighting Group both identifies and executes every funding opportunity available to you.


Financing and Shared Savings Plans
After e3 Lighting Group presents our comprehensive analysis, it becomes painfully clear that inefficient lighting systems do nothing more than waste money and energy, and harm the environment.

Unfortunately, that alone is sometimes not enough to overcome budget cycles and other financial hurdles.

We specialize in short term financing to help customers achieve savings even when caught between budget cycles, and provide long term shared savings plans that allow projects to fund themselves through a percentage of money saved Financing programs are available with no initial investment and frequently allow for significant cash in advance when utility rebates are available.


Post-Installation Support
Every e3 Lighting Group customer is a long-term energy savings partner. Our job isn’t over just because the lighting installation is complete. At no cost to our customers.
And with on-going warranty support, available maintenance contracts, and a host of additional energy savings opportunities to offer, e3 Lighting Group is truly your energy savings partner for the long run.