Energy Savings

Is This In Your Building?

If So, go!! We Can Cut Your Lighting Bill In Half!

Lighting that’s efficient and cost-effective

The 4 top financial benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting are:

  • Energy Efficient Lighting reduces&your lighting bill by 50% to 70% .
  • AEP has a Lighting Rebate Program in which they will actually write you a check to&reduce your electric bill and pay for your lighting system.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting qualifies for the EPAct tax benefit. &
  • Energy Efficient Lighting reduces&maintenance costs.

Lighting accounts for more than 50 percent of a building’s energy cost. But companies can offset up to 50 percent of that cost simply by installing energy-efficient lighting and control.

Energy-efficient lighting represents one of the lowest-risk, highest-return investments your company can make in green technology.e3 Lighting Group customers typically experience lighting energy savings with a payback period of 6 to 12 months.

e3 Lighting Group specializes in lighting energy savings solutions that are simple and straightforward, that won’t disrupt your business and that are good for the environment. As companies seek to lower their utility bills, many are realizing that lighting is an excellent way to reduce energy costs while moving toward a sustainable future. e3 Lighting Group analyzes your company’s lighting energy use and design, and provides a cost-effective, turnkey, environmentally friendly solution. Our team includes leading professionals in lighting systems engineering and implementation services to ensure your solution is operating at maximum efficiency levels and saving you money.

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